Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In case anyone (aside from Amanda) noticed, I did NOT make a New Year’s Resolution to blog more regularly. To be completely honest, I am opposed to making New Year’s Resolutions. When I quit smoking a few years back, I actually decided to quit right around Christmas but continued to smoke for three more weeks to avoid leaving anyone with the impression I had quit as a New Year’s Resolution. Apparently impressions are more important than silly things like breathing.

So I don’t appear to be too concerned about the impression my lack of blogging may have on others, this will not be a real blog entry. These are mostly random thoughts and amusements I have collected across the past few weeks when I have not been blogging.

First: Running through fresh snow with a three-legged dog leaves interesting tracks.

Second: While these leather wipes are totally awesome at cleaning Dane drool off our fancy new couches, they are not suitable replacements for feminine wipes.

Finally: if one were inclined to follow through on a resolution, completely unrelated to any type of calendar event, such as getting oneself into better physical condition, one would find that sit-ups are a complicated matter here at MisFit Farm.