Sunday, August 20, 2006

Glub, glub five dogs in the tub . . .

Today was bath day at Misfit Farm. Now that it is all said and done, we sit here trying to evaluate who were the winners in today’s match. Certainly not the tub, which suffered a slight but reparable injury when its side got kicked in as a 165# dog was being pushed, pulled, cajoled, and implored over it.

Judging from the doleful looks on their faces and the struggles of all except the one, (Trinity, who we will send along the story of her first bath with us some other time), the dogs don’t feel so much like they came out on the good end of the deal. They spend a lot of time rolling in various and sundry “found” odors to have brought themselves to their pre-bath bouquet. Now they will have to start all over again. Harrumph!

Something about the low-level ache in my lower back right now tells me that I won’t feel so much like I was a winner after this is all said and done. Certainly I love any opportunity I get to wash every single towel, bath mat, and otherwise absorbent item in the house. And nothing beats a Sunday morning spent with suds in your mouth, and fistfuls of soggy dog hair.

But one good thing is we have discovered another dog product which has potential spokespuppies written all over it for us: Rinse Ace Pet Shower Deluxe. Probably the second best thing about this product is the photo on the front. We recognize the look on the dog’s face, but the woman washing this pup doesn’t look like she has been participating in a wet t-shirt contest in a fur factory, she isn’t grappling on the floor with the dog sud-covered and desperate looking, and this crazy woman is smiling!!! Additionally, nowhere in this photo is a three-legged bath cheerleader who keeps running in and out of the room, biting at the water from this shower head, pulling on my pony-tail to offer a diversion, and barking encouragement to her siblings that probably translates to either, "Hey, aren't you having fun?!?!? Isn't this the greatest game ever?!?!" or to, "Run for your life! Save yourself by following me as I run barking through the house!" Probably both.

Ultimately, the winner was probably Rural Water District #6, who will be the proud recipients of a greatly inflated water bill this month. Good thing we don’t live in Salina, KS, who is currently under a water rationing plan. I would think that washing dogs and two humans with a cumulative weight of roughly 1,000# may somehow be brought in under the restrictions.

And now for our next feat, we will accomplish the task of trimming 19 sets of toenails!!! Stay tuned. . .

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