Saturday, January 20, 2007

Grosser than gross

Ooooh, lookee at what the Kanine Krewe found on this morning’s walk.

It is hard to say where this originated, or rather, from what type of animal this hails. Mostly it is hard because neither of us can stand to look at it for too long.

Steve and Carolyn stopped by to ask if we needed anything from town. This greeted them at the front door. Oddly enough, they were nonplussed about the piece of animal carcass laying on the porch. When I stepped out to talk to them, I pointed it out, and Carolyn opined that it must be from a deer. A small deer. Like Bambi.

It gets worse. The bend appears to actually be a knee joint, or some type of anatomical “ball joint.” So when a three-legged dog has one end of this in her mouth and is running across the yard, the bottom portion swings around.

It has started snowing today, and we have shut ourselves into the trailer. Periodically, we entertain a discussion about how to dispose of this animal remnant, and then engage in a larger discussion about where the rest of this poor animal may be.

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I can't tell you how much your posts put the perfect verbiage to the (so familiar) life (is this what it's supposed to be like?) with dogs . . .