Sunday, August 12, 2007

Azure Gone Wild (the video)

Here at MisFit Farm, we are big fans of two comedic staples: irony and sarcasm.

After my previous post and the various and sundry others demonizing our poor, sweet Azure, I took a step away from hyperbole to realistically assess her behavior. We know that there are at least four other folks out there who can appreciate the antics of this little dervish, and we would not want to mis-represent her or them.

It occurred to me that the best instrument available to express what a day in the life of Azure is like was sitting at my fingertips. So this afternoon, we picked up our trusty digital camcorder and set about to document what life is like living with Azure the crazy, out-of-control, psycho puppy.

Buckle up kids, and keep the antacid tablets handy. What you are about to see will shock and amaze you.

It did us.


Anonymous said...

ALRIIIIIGHT? Who is that and WHAT have you done with the REAL Azure? Stunt double? Long lost twin? "Maaajic Trreeeeats?!" Will the real Azure, please step forward. Really, how did you do that? She just loves you. I take it back... you are not the bravest women I know - ha! :) Ev.

Anonymous said...

AWE! She has come so far, you two are amazing! I remember the original Azure that came in...I feared for my face and fingers on multiple occasions, I was dragged down the sidewalk like a fool, I fought to crate her. So really, what did you do with the real Azure? :) Amanda