Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Is Serious

As previously documented, the goats have been a delightful group of pets, but not so very uniformly reliable as lawn mowers. Of course, just in time for Fall and Winter, they have grazed down their pasture and the island in the pond, thereby necessitating the purchase of hay to supplement graze as the weather turns cold. And, just in time for Winter, I bought a new “toy” to help the goats with their chores.

I am externally restrained from playing with fire and sharp objects. The first Christmas I was living here at the Farm, I asked my mother to buy me a chain saw. She begged me to let her just give me the money and I could purchase it myself, so she wouldn’t have to live with the guilt of having purchased the implement that eventually severs my arm or some other part from the trunk of my body. She made up for her pessimistic attitude the next Spring when she kindly came out to watch over the smoldering embers of the two acres I accidentally set on fire while cleaning up the property and multi-tasking.

Imagine the mixture of horror and delight as I was reading through the owner’s manual for my new toy, and happened across this:

What to say beyond, “ouch”?!

The good neighbors and I were touring the property a few weekends ago and admiring the overgrowth when I told them I had ordered this industrial strength push-trimmer, but I couldn’t remember the name. We bandied about several versions of what I thought the name was when Steve remembered that it is a “D-R.” As what may turn out to be a terrible instance of foreshadowing, he proudly announced that he remembered the name because it was D-R like Doctor.

I may need to order a second Blue Cross/Blue Shield card for K to keep in her purse. I have a feeling it will be difficult to retrieve mine from my wallet if my finger looks like that. Have no fear, safety goggles were included.


Anonymous said...

For the love of Pat... K keep her away from that thing! Think of the danes who need you all! Yeah... they NEED you both to be around for as long as possible!!

Oh - waaaaait, I get IT!
This is your Halloween posting...
trying to scare the h$ll out of those who hold you
dear in this world... Well - it soooo DIDN'T work!? I knew you were bluffing the whole time... were there cameras?! Where were the cameras? Come on out now ya here!

(Just keep smiling, casually wiping sweat from brow... eyes receding back into the socket... clamminess of hands subsiding... breathing returning to regular... blood pressure dropping...)

Anonymous said...

Hey Misfits! Luna's picture is on the small photo vote contest located at

He looks so cute! I think I sent that to him about 2 months ago! Glad I caught it or I may never have known!