Saturday, November 24, 2007

Azure's Campaign of Annoyance

What do you do when you are sitting miserably at home, lamenting the lackluster performance of your alma matter in possibly the most over-hyped college football game to visit the Midwest in recent memory? Why, share the joy by offering up the vicarious experience of life with Azure.

As observed in a previous post, Trinity is the world's greatest big sister.

As is obvious from the beginning of this clip, Emmett is the world's loudest drinker.

Azure is . . . Azure.

Just do as she says and no one gets hurt, o.k.?


Anonymous said...

Laughing my butt off up here...
which is better than freezing it off - trust me!

This is so fun! Trinity IS the best BIG SISTER!
Give that girl an award!
She is so good!

Happy Turkey day down at Misfit Farm!
Much love sent your way to you and yours...
and the krewe of course!


Anonymous said...


Reminds me of how Cleo would bark at nothing toward the door with the sole intent of getting Nina off 'her' chair - and it always did.

And huh. Guess you were wanting Kansas to win, eh?