Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time with Bill

We were able to make a more or less smooth transition to Daylight Savings Time this weekend, buoyed along by the previous week we spent living on Eastern Standard Time while visiting the (second) happiest place on earth.

The trip was my first to the Disneyworld complex, and I remain incredulous that the happiest place on Earth could really be inhabited by all the crying, distraught, overwrought children and parents I witnessed in my time there. At the Farm, it generally takes a serious storm front or the deprivation of a very meaty bone to reach the fever-pitch tantrum casually observed in the Disney patrons. Emerging from a mucky, messy, cold and dreary Kansas winter, the weather in Florida was much more congenial, making for one very happy feature.

Not to be shown up, Kansas decided to tease us with a beautiful early Spring day on Sunday, to welcome Daylight Savings Time. We took advantage of the sunshine and daylight savings to spend some quality time with Bill the horse.


Amanda said...

Very sweet! So when you are with Bill, the people ask you the same questions as we get with the danes:

Does that thing come with a saddle? Does it bite? Is it good with kids? Does it eat a lot? Is that a dog?


Anonymous said...

I echo the questions from the Amanda comment and add... "Geez?! That thing is the size of a DANE!!!"

And I can't tell you how jealous I am that you have no SNOW. Should I mention that out last snowfall was just two days ago? Ugh:( I am thinking of running an advert:
"Snowbanks galore and willing to share." - signed MN.

Much love MisFits!
EV and Majordanes:)