Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Dane Swapping

As we were transacting the Dane trade for the second leg of our Dane train early this afternoon, Steve mentions in passing that Merrick expressed an interest in exchanging his aft-SUV position for a fore-SUV position on the ride from St. Louis. Laughing dismissively, we load Presley, who rode completely without incident, perched demurely in the back of the CRV to our rendezvous point in Columbia, into the back of Steve’s vehicle.
Merrick, in the meantime, hops into the back of our car. He rides along quite nicely for about 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes in the folded down cargo area of the CRV, he slowly moves his front legs onto the folded seat backs.

He responds only minimally to K’s arm-gate block.

He makes a full-fledged move over the seat barrier into the front of the car.

He seems to have a great appreciation for the view out the front windshield.

He aspired to become a hood ornament.

Whereupon, we pull off the road at some random Central Missouri location to re-assess riding arrangements. I had proposed at one point Merrick could ride in the front passenger seat and K could move to the back. K was not in favor of this. We decided on a compromise: flip the back seats up so Merrick could ride on the bench seat instead of on the dashboard or in the cargo area.

He found this gave him a satisfactory view.

And he settled down for a well-earned nap.


Anonymous said...


He likes to be close. :-)


Amanda said...

He is a cuddler! Glad that he didn't end up as a hook ornament. Thanks for the update...can't wait to hear more as he gets more comfortable at the farm.