Monday, December 26, 2011


We are probably the only people in the world for whom "honeymoon" holds a negative connotation. When a new dog comes in to the place, that's what you get at first: a honeymoon following a quickly thrown together arranged marriage. A series of first dates, with all the awkwardness of "getting to know" someone while wondering who picks up the check. A waltz with a total stranger where you find yourselves standing on the dance floor with the music playing and neither partner wants to move too aggressively to take the lead. 

A honeymoon may be billed as a helluva romantic event, but in our world, this event is too fleeting and too superficial a time to be enjoyed. 

The fun really begins when a new dog emerges from the honeymoon suite. She will tenatively poke out a single paw testing the boundaries. She will furtively watch for our response as she ventures forth. She will gather the courage to try new things: going to the free feeder to have a snack on her own terms, or poking a nose onto the table or counter in search of a forbidden treat. 

She might snuffle through the toy box and find a little something she likes and wants to claim as her own.

Or she may jump up into an unattended bed and over-aggressively nest into a down comforter. 

Whatever it is, we have learned that most things can be repaired or replaced, and just as honeymoons don't last forever, we all find our way into what will come to look like our "normal" lives soon. 

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