Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alistair gets a forever family

I don’t know that MisFit Farm will ever host another dog as big as Alistair. He was a truly amazing specimen. He was the epitome of the gentle giant this breed is known for.

Alistair got his forever family a week ago Friday night. He has a big, fenced in back yard, puppy playmates, and a family that is absolutely in love with him. Not that we weren’t, it is just that Al had this feeling about him that he was waiting for something. . .

As I watched him play tag and tear around the living room with the female Dane at his new home and the family’s faces were lit up with unmitigated delight, Al looked at me, and I could see exactly what he had been waiting for.

Although the adoption process takes a while for reference checks, home visits, interview, etc. . ., once the decision is rendered, the final delivery can be made at breakneck speed. When we were finally approved for Mercy, we couldn’t live another day without her. K had a funeral, so I made the trip alone on a Saturday morning, trying to steal as much uninterrupted weekend as possible with our new girl.

The blessing in this arrangement for the foster family may be that the speedy delivery forestalls any “seller’s remorse” or other reconsiderations. With Al, I was in auto-pilot. I prepared the write-up of flea/tick treatment and heartworm preventative dates, inclinations and proclivities, bagged up some dog food and a couple of favored toys, loaded him into the car, and pointed it south.

As I stood there watching Al and his new family, I knew that there would not be any reconsiderations. As we have said before: some times, the cosmos get it all right.

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