Monday, May 28, 2007

Trinity is my Co-Pilot

We admit - we are part of the problem. We each drive an SUV – not the obscenely large variety, but as a matter of fuel efficiency and earth-friendliness, our vehicles still don’t make the grade. They do perform well on snowy Kansas roads around December – January. The horrible truth is that we actually probably really need one of the obscenely large varieties of gas-guzzling SUV to haul around the krewe.

As it is, we can fit up to 4 dogs into the back of either of our vehicles with the seats folded down, unless Trinity is one of the krewe in transport. With Trinity, we can fit in 5.

We drove to see our dear friends in South Louisiana last November. It is a 16-hour drive. Trinity made the entire trip perched at my shoulder thusly, tentatively balanced on the folded-over seats we had so thoughtfully configured to create a wide open area in the back of the car for . . . Mercy to stretch out in, apparently. As far as Trinity was concerned, we could have taken a Mini Cooper or a mini-bike.

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