Saturday, December 29, 2007

All I Want for Christmas. . .

So, the Hallmark “2007 Pony for Christmas” ornament looks like this:

The pony K received for Christmas in 2007, amazingly, looks like this:

Well, actually, he isn’t a “pony.” He is a fully grown miniature horse. We don’t have an exact measurement on him, but I estimate him at about five hands tall. As we noted to a friend earlier, he is smaller than a “real” Dane, but larger than a “faux” Dane. Realistically, he is about the height of a Laborador Retriever, but with about 100 extra pounds.

To answer the question everyone seems to have: no, he doesn’t bite. At least not yet. Give us a week.

So far, here is what he DOES do: Wear a halter. Walk on a lead. Allow his hooves to be handled. Romp in the snow.
Engage in a concerted butt-scratching.Receive copious pettings. Try to tolerate being brushed. Dispense nuzzles. Eat hay, sweet feed, and his first-ever apple nugget treats.

His name? Well, we are working on that one.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is friggin' cute as heck?
Ahhhh K... you get ALL the cool stuff!
Hey can I ride him?
No really - can I?
:):):):) ha :):):):)

Happy New Year Misfits!
Much love your way from
MN and Majordanes!