Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Ho Ho Holidays from MisFit Farm

It snowed yesterday. It was a snow like I remember from my childhood, an unrelenting, dumping, blowing snow that piled on rooftops and drifted into banks. I shoveled the front deck and steps at about 8:00 yesterday evening, and woke to another inch and a dusting this morning. Most communities didn’t even send out snowplows until well after dark. We awoke this morning to find their handiwork evidenced in a 3-foot high pile spanning the end of our drive.

Among the many good fortunes routinely visited upon us are these most recent blessings: safe travels in adverse weather; plenty of Dane-blankets to keep us warm; and, continuous power and light through the storms.

So, for all the well-wishers out there who have sent messages of concern about the bad weather, here is videographic proof that all is well with the krewe here at MisFit Farm.


Anonymous said...

That was delightful.
I smiled the whole time
and giggled too. Mercy
as she comes out swinging,
wanting to play! I love it!
Happy Holidays MisFit Farm!
Know that you are in our hearts
always! Majordanes:)

Amanda said...

That made my whole holiday season! I am so amazed at how wonderful Mercy is getting around! Im glad you all are safe and warm this ice is always good!