Saturday, January 05, 2008

Emmett & Trinity's Everlasting Love

We were having dinner with an old acquaintance recently. Notwithstanding her confessed efforts to try to keep K and me from continued attempts at dating several years ago, she observed with some degree of astonishment, “My goodness! The two of you are perfect for each other. You belong together.” I think we would agree, most days. As I found Emmett and Trinity piled atop each other on the loveseat after an afternoon of outdoor playing, the theme of belonging together surfaced again.

Her penchant for eating livestock aside, Trinity is gregarious and welcoming to all visitors here at MisFit Farm. Perhaps it is the amount of time Emmett has spent here, or perhaps it is some type of karmic connection, but Trinity and Emmett’s bond appears to be something a little more extraordinary than her run-of-the-mill friendliness. Aside from the copious amounts of time they spend using one another as pillows, Trinity and Emmett are voted the two most likely to disappear on adventures in the woods. If the two of them were second-grade classmates, they would form a formidable dodgeball duo. The snarkiness occasionally demonstrated by their housemates, present company included, rolls right off their collective back. Unlike the others, their food dishes are completely interchangeable. This, truly, will be an everlasting love.

In the not-so-distant past, we were admonished by our friend and the instigator of the Dane-surplus here at MisFit Farm that “[Emmett] wasn’t ever really leaving the Farm, was he?”

Hmmm, I guess not.


Anonymous said...

Snicker . . .


Anonymous said...

Can ya jus feeeel the love up in here?!
Oh yeah!