Sunday, January 27, 2008

Soft Serve

A friend of ours once described A as a dipped ice cream cone, with soft serve on the inside and a hard chocolate shell on the outside. Basically, A tries to come across as strong and unaffected by the world. However, A is very much affected by the world. The world is unkind and cruel to the many people and animals A tries so hard to fight for.

I noticed while I was gone the last couple of days, A was at it again: trying to put out the image that without my presence, Azure’s life was in danger of an early termination. Anyone who knows A realizes these are idle threats, stemming from the frustration of cleaning up the “Taj-Mah” crate 2 days in a row (Azure had left steaming piles of evidence that the chili she knocked off the counter and ate maybe didn’t set to well in her stomach – or possibly the Shrimp Jambalaya was the culprit – hard to say). Or maybe it was Azure’s barking in the middle of the night, or her insistence on jumping in and out of the bed, that seemed to put A on the edge.

Just for the record I have been home for 24hours and all is as I left it . . .


Anonymous said...

OH I love this post K!
And now that balance has been
restored in the universe...
my mind is at ease.

Much love your way!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs, they are always good to provide a quick laugh. Keep them coming!