Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boo-Boo *hearts* Azure

Based on purely non-scientific observation, it appears as though Azure possesses a certain. . . attraction that is not readily apparent to some of us. Notwithstanding my admonitions to Coffee that dating crazy women only leads to trouble, he continues to be morbidly fascinated, even attracted, to Azure.

The other inhabitant of MisFit Farm with an intense interest in Azure is Boo-Boo, the goat. The problem with being adored by a goat is that it looks like it could hurt. At least the part where they ram their head and horns into you. I guess the whole “sneaking up behind you and giving you a love tap with my 8 inch horns and tongue sticking out” is a sign of goat adoration. I am perhaps not as brushed up on my goat-speak as I could be.

What we have been able to discern is that the only dog Boo-Boo has any interest in whatsoever is Azure. You can almost see the stars in his eyes when Azure is released into the pasture to run. While the other goats are intent on feeding time, Boo-Boo lurks in the background, awaiting his opportunity to prevail upon Azure and to convince her that they are a match made in heaven. He is crazy about her.

While Azure may be crazy, she certainly isn’t stupid. So, much to Boo-Boo’s dismay, Azure cuts him a wide path. I have been lurking around, trying to capture glimpses of Boo-Boo’s love overtures on video, but the following is the best I could do.


Anonymous said...

I get it. Goats climb buildings, Azure climbs buildings. There's a natural comraderie there . . . :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh crap?
Alright, I admit it.
I *heart* this story.

I gotta tell ya... I agree with Coffee and Boo-Boo.
She has a MAGNETIC personality!
Make a her a t-shirt that says...
"Crazy Works for Me"
"My MOJO Swings Crazy"
Then see how long it lasts.
Love you Misfits!
K, please hug and kiss Azure for me.
Ev. and the MN Majordanes