Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Squeeze Cheese Incident

MisFit Farm contains some staple ingredients. The grocery carts from weekly trips to the store almost universally feature “bunny milk” for K., “cheesy poofs” for me, animal crackers for the goats, and “squeeze cheese” for the dogs. Squeeze cheese serves as an inexpensive filling for Kong © toys, a masking compound for medication administration, and as seen here, a source of great amusement or an instrument of torture, depending on whether you are the squeeze-er or the squeeze-ee.

And because we are big fans of loose association, we offer this additional delectable cheese-themed video from a group called “The String Cheese Incident” (emphasis mine).
However you like your cheese, Bone Appetite!


Amanda said...

This reminds me of the great squeeze cheese incident of 2006. All I'm saying is that its a good thing noone looks up at KK's ceiling and that she really, really loves her pet sitter!! I did learn that 1 can of easy-cheese can easily cover a 1200 square foot house in the time it takes to go get coffee and a bagle at Panera. :)

Anonymous said...

HEY Misfits!
Are you home?
Safe travel I hope.
I am sending good thoughts
your way and hoping you are doing well!

This cheese whiz vid is WAY fun.
Such a trooper... keeps going until her gets it all!
Saw Azure wanted to help, but Emmett seemed to have it handled!

What fun!
Much love!
From the Majordanes!